Welcome to Whangaparaoa School

WGP School

Welcome to Whangaparaoa School, in Manly on the Hibiscus Coast 40 minutes north of Auckland. Whangaparāoa is Māori for "Bay of Whales", and pods of orca and dolphin are regularly spotted in the waters off the peninsula. The communities of Whangaparaoa Peninsula include Red Beach, Stanmore Bay, Manly, Tindalls Bay, Army Bay, Gulf Harbour, Matakatia Bay, and Arkles Bay.

Our Whangaparaoa Primary School learning community is excited to extend a warm and friendly welcome to new students and families.

We are all learners at Whangaparaoa and we know, if we work together, a strong sense of team and success can be achieved.

Our vision is to connect with our students and families and build strong relationships. With this foundation in place, we will then aim to ignite the learning experience and work with the learner to discover new thoughts, questions and passions.

Throughout this process we will look to empower our learners so that they are competent and confident citizens in the world they are growing up in. We aim to be responsive to the needs of each individual and personalise a set of learning experiences that are both meaningful and motivating.

“What’s best for the children” is central to all decision making.

Our school is focused on ensuring students receive the very best learning opportunities to prepare them for their future.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your time at Whangaparaoa is full of learning, opportunity, fun and great times together.

Kevin Cronin