Whangaparaoa School Zone Information

Home Zone

All students who live within the home zone described below, and as shown on the attached map, shall be entitled to enrol at Whangaparaoa Primary School.

Starting at Stanmore Bay Park the zone travels east around the coastline to the end of the reserve beyond Tindalls Beach. It then moves south-east across country to the Whangaparaoa Road / Gulf Harbour roundabout, and continues to the south coast of the Peninsula so as to include all of Hobbs Road, Roberts Road, Laguna Place, Balboa Drive and Beauvoir Avenue. The zone then continues west around the coastline to the end of Fairhaven Walk to include all of Wade River Road.

Retracting back along Wade River Road, (Scott Road excluded), to the Rishworth Avenue roundabout, the zone moves north up Rishworth Avenue to meet Whangaparaoa Road at numbers 650 / 651. All of Moera Place, Barwick Place, Elan Place, Karepiro Drive and Sidwell Place are included. Crossing Whangaparaoa Road the zone moves north overland to follow the stream along the Whangaparaoa College, Rata Reserve, and Stanmore Bay Park boundaries, back to the starting point. (Glanville Close, Stanmore Bay Road, and Brightside Road 179 / 180 and above included)

All residential addresses on both sides of the boundary roads and all no exit roads off boundary roads are included in the zone unless otherwise stated.